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Those wishing to start a PhD at King's College London in 2023, I participate in this programme:

Please contact Jernej if interested in joining the lab at any level, explaining your scientific interests, and for those interested in postdoctoral position, explaining interests in applying for a fellowship. 

The primary lab is located at:

UK Dementia Research Institute at King's
Department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
5 Cutcombe Rd, London SE5 9RT, UK

Until the end of 2024, a satellite team is at:

The Francis Crick Institute, SE205
1 Midland Road, London, NW1 1AT, UK


A satellite lab in Ljubljana started in 2020, funded by European Research Council Advanced grant:

RNA networks lab, P-303

Department of Molecular Biology and Nanobiotechnology
Kemijski inštitut, Hajdrihova 19, p.p. 660

SI-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenija


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