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London Lab


Jernej Ule, 'Jernej' is pronounced as Yernay (ending like RNA). I obtained my BSc in Molecular Biology from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1999, and PhD and short postdoc with Bob Darnell at the Rockefeller University, New York, during 2000-2006. I started my research group at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge in July 2006, and in April 2013, we moved to the Queen Square UCL Institute of Neurology, where I am a professor at the Department of Neuromuscular Diseases. Together with my research group, I am seconded to The Francis Crick Institute in London until February 2025. In 2020, I started a satellite group at the Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, which is co-led by Miha Milek (see below). I also act as a reviewer and am an EMBO fellow.

Martina Hallegger, Postdoctoral researcher since October 2014 (funded by MNDA non-clinical fellowship in 2016-19). Studies ribonucleoprotein complexes in motor neuron disease.

Cristina Militti, Postdoctoral researcher since October 2014 (funded by EMBO postdoctoral fellowship in 2015-16). Studies mRNA structures and their role in RNP assembly and function.

Flora Lee, PhD student 2016-2019 as part of the Wellcome Trust UCL neuroscience PhD programme, now a postdoctoral researcher. Studies the neuronal functions of mRNA structures.

Julian Zagalak, Postdoctoral researcher since January 2016 (funded by SNF fellowship in 2016-17). Studies combinatorial control of pre-mRNA processing.

Paulo Gameiro, Postdoctoral researcher since September 2016 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship 2016-18). Studies the metabolic control of protein-RNA interactions.

Rupert Faraway, PhD student as part of the UCL MRC LIfe and Biomedical Science DTP PhD programme, studies the roles of RNPs in neuronal differentiation. Also co-supervises the translational project together with Lorea Blazquez.

Patrick Toolan-Kerr, PhD student as part of the UCL Wolfson PhD programme, studies the way that RNA methylation affects RNP assembly.

Miha Modic, Postdoctoral researcher since December 2017, now Henry Wellcome postdoctoral fellow, additionally affiliated with Kathyn Lilley and Magdalena Zernicka-Gotz groups. Studies the functions of RNPs in stem cell differentiation.

Wei Jia Zhang, PhD student as part of the UCL Wolfson PhD programme, studies RNP dynamics in motor neurons and in ALS.

Oscar Wilkins, PhD student since October 2019 as part of the Wellcome Trust UCL neuroscience PhD programme. Studies translational control by neuronal RNA binding proteins.

Llywelyn Griffith, since October 2019, joint AstraZeneca/Crick postdoctoral fellow performing part of his work in my lab. Studies treatments targeting aberrant splicing in cancer.

Joyita Mukherjee, Postdoctoral researcher since February 2020 (funded by EMBO postdoctoral fellowship in 2021-23). Studies molecular elucidation of the architecture of RNP condensates during development and disease.

Hanzhong Bai, PhD student working between Ule and Antonella Riccio labs since October 2020, funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim fellowship. Studies the role of RNA-RNA contacts in the activity-dependent gene regulation in neurons

Neve Costello Heaven, PhD rotation student in summer 2021, UCL Wolfson-Eisai programme

Maria Pisliakova, Summer student in 2021, works with Oscar


Ljubljana Lab

Miha Milek, Senior postdoctoral researcher since January 2020, who co-leads the Ljubljana team, and who has brought extensive experimental and computational expertise from his previous 7-year work with Markus Landthaler in Berlin.
Aram Amalietti, Data Analyst since February 2019, software development and computational analyses of CLIP data.

Klara Kuret, MSc student since November 2019, and started PhD with Miha Milek in October 2020, working mainly on computational aspects of protein-RNA interactions.

Tajda Klobučar, Started PhD with Miha Modic in October 2020, working on protein-RNA interactions.

Anja Trupej, MSc student since April 2019, works with Klara and Miha Milek on iCLIP and related experiments.

Katarina Lenarčič, MSc student since July 2019, works with Miha Milek on molecular biology experiments.

Urška Janjoš, Research assistant since December 2020, works with Miha Milek on molecular and cellular biology experiments.

Miha Sovrovič, Research assistant since December 2020, works with Aram Amalietti on bioinformatics and molecular biology.

Nina Lenaršič, Summer student in 2021, works with Urška Janjoš

Špela Barbič, Summer student in 2021, works with Miha Milek



Reem Abouward, PhD student working between Gianpietro Schiavo and Ule labs since October 2020 as part of the Wellcome Trust UCL neuroscience PhD programme. Studies the role of RNA transport in ALS.

Parth Patel, MSc student in Oct 2018-Sept 2019, and research assistant since January 2020 on a Crick-LifeArc project.

Holly Digby, research assistant since February 2020 on a Crick-LifeArc project, works with Rupert.

Stacy Steinberg, Marie-Currie International fellow, working between Su Guo lab at UCSF and Ule lab.

Charlotte Capitanchik, a PhD student working jointly with the group of Nick Luscombe as part of the Crick PhD programme, performs computational analyses of RNP assembly and collaborates with Patrick, Wei and Miha Modic.

Anob M. Chakrabarty, joint PhD student with Nicholas Luscombe 2016-2019, now a postdoctoral fellow. Works on computational studies of mRNA structures on joint projects with Flora Lee.

Mahmoud-Reza Sina Rafiee, Postdoctoral fellow with Nicholas Luscombe, who uses proteomics to study RNPs and collaborates with Julian, Llywelyn and Patrick.

Ira A. Iosub, Postdoctoral fellow with Nicholas Luscombe, works on computation of mRNA structure with Anob and Flora.

Marc Jones, Postdoctoral fellow with Nicholas Luscombe, works on RNA-RNA contacts with Miha Modic.

Julie Qiaojin Lin, Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow affiliated to the groups of Giovanna Malucci and Clemens Kaminski, in addition to Ule lab


Past Lab Members

James Tollervey, PhD student during October 2006 - April 2010, then postdoc till December 2010. Worked on regulation alternative splicing in age-related neurologic disorders. Now scientist at Aelan Cell Technologies, San Francisco.

Zhen Wang, PhD student during October 2007 - September 2010, then postdoc till September 2011. Studied how TIA proteins regulate RNA splicing and 3' end processing. Now senior scientist at Depixius, Paris.

Melis Kayikci, PhD student during October 2008 - September 2011. Studied the positional principles, or 'RNA maps', which guide the regulatory activity of RNA-binding proteins. Now bioinformatician at Genomics England.

Michael Briese, postdoc during December 2007 - March 2012. Studied how CELF4 protein regulates translation in mouse brain. Now postdoctoral fellow at University of Wurzburg.

Nicholas McGlincy, joint postdoc with the group of Michael Hastings during November 2008 – August 2012. Studied the role of alternative splicing in circadian rhythms. Now postdoc at the University of California, Berkley.

Julian König, postdoc suring November 2008 - October 2013. Studied the function of hnRNP C protein in the regulation of alternative splicing. Was funded by HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowship. Now group leader at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Mainz.

Yoichiro Sugimoto, PhD student during October 2010 - July 2014, and then postdoc during May-September 2016. Studied the function of in vivo RNA structures. His PhD was funded by the Nakajima Foundation Scholarship.

Chris Sibley, postdoc during August 2011-October 2015. Studied intronic splicing regulatory elements in neuronal genes. Now group leader at the Imperial College Londony.

Jan Attig, PhD student during October 2011-April 2015, then postdoc till September 2015. Studies the coordinated control of mRNA life cycle. Was funded by Boehringer Ingelheim Scholarship. Now postdoc at the Crick Institute.

Ina Huppertz, PhD student during October 2012-September 2015. Studies the regulation of pre-mRNA processing. Was funded by Marie Curie International Training Network. Now postdoc at EMBL.

Claire Hall, PhD student during Sept 2013 - Sept 2016. Studied RNA regulatory networks in motor neuron disease, and was funded by UCL Grand Challenge programme. Now at medical school.

Nejc Haberman, PhD student during 2013 - 2017 on computation of protein-RNA interactions. Now postdoc at MRC CSC in London.

Lilach Soreq, Postdoctoral fellow during August 2013 - November 2016, studied gene expression in the aging brain.

Warren Emmett, Postdoctoral fellow during March 2016 - February 2018. Coordinated computational studies of non-canonical splicing. Now Bioinformatics Analyst at Inivata Limited in Cambridge, UK.

Igor Ruiz de los Mozos, Postdoctoral fellow from Nov 2014-Sept 2019, studying the network mechanisms of RNA regulation and is transitioning to his next research position in Spain.

Andrea Elser, PhD student during 2016-2019 as part of the BBSRC LIDo Doctoral Training Programme. Studied the function of recursive splice sites in neurons.

Lorea Blazquez, postdoc during 2014-2018, studied regulation of recursive splicing (initially funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowship), and since 2018, co-supervises a Crick-LifeArc translational project. In August 2020, Lorea started her own research group at Biodonostia Health Research Institute.


Past Lab Members (<3 years)

Iris Kramberger, visiting student during August-September 2010. Now a PhD student in Oxford.

Matteo Cereda, a visiting student for 9 months in 2010 and 2011, working on a computational approach to define RNA splicing maps. Now a group leader at IIGM, Turin.

Dalia Daujotyte, short-term postdoc for five months in 2010 to study Staufen 2 protein using iCLIP. Now Chief Commercial Officer at the Lexogen company in Vienna.

Tina Lence, visiting student during March-August 2011. Now postdoc at IMB Mainz.

Josh Witten, short-term postdoc during January 2010 – June 2012. Now runs The Finch & Pea Group, Ltd - a life sciences and communication consulting firm.

Katherine Godin, short-term postdoc during October 2011 - September 2012. Now NMR Senior Scientist at Beryllium

Deepak Barnabas, 3-month visiting student November 2012 - January 2013.

Peter Juvan, visiting scientist December 2012 - February 2013.

Mojca Tajnik, visiting student, staying from March 2011 - March 2012, and March 2013-June 2013. Mojca was funded by EMBO Short-term scholarship.

Laura Easton, research assistant during October 2011 - March 2013.

Andrea D'Ambrogio, postdoc during January 2013-August 2014. Now Senior Scientist at Horizon Discovery.

Rubika Balendra, PhD rotation student in 2015, funded by UCL Wolfson programme.

Liza Malong, PhD rotation student during March-May 2015 as part of the neuroscience PhD programme.

Aarti Singh, MSc student during March-September 2014, then research assistant during October 2014-September 2015. Now PhD student at UCL.

Alexandra Zirra, MSc student during March-September 2014, then research assistant during October 2014-September 2015. Now a PhD student at KCL.

Rehan Hussain, MSc student during March-September 2016. Worked with Cristina Militti.

Isabel Weisheit, visiting student from Ludwig Maximilans University of Munich, visited from June-November 2016 to work with Martina Halleger.

Gregor Rot visited our group and collaborated on bioinformatic projects to study the regulation of 3' end processing .

Frederique Rau, Postdoctoral fellow with Rickie Patani, who was hosted in our lab for a year.

Eleni Anastasakou, Lena was an MRes student during Oct 2016 - Sept 2017. Studied the long-range mRNA structures, together with Cristina.

Violeta Castelo Szekely, one-year visiting student Oct 2016 - Sept 2017 from the University of Lausanne, funded by the NCCR Doctoral Mobility grant.

Pablo Izquierdo Garrudo, PhD rotation student in spring 2017 as part of the Wellcome Trust UCL neuroscience PhD programme.

Katja Egli, Research assistant since October 2016, works mainly with Martina and Flora.

Liam Kempthorne, PhD rotation student in spring 2018, UCL Wolfson programme.

Michael Palo, summer student from University of Madison, July-August 2018, now PhD student at Stanford.

Jan Brancewicz, summer student from Warsaw University, July-August 2018.

Edwin Jarratt Barnham, summer student from University of Cambridge, July-August 2019

Adam Sheriff, summer student from King’s College London, July-August 2019

Hallie Hanson, summer student from University of Wisconsin-Madison, July-August 2019

Emma Groblewski, summer student from University of Wisconsin-Madison, July-August 2019

Federica Capraro, MSc student and then research assisitant during January 2018 - August 2019. Now a LIDo PhD student in London.

Christoph Sadee, Research assistant Oct 2016 - Nov 2018, working on iCLIP optimisation and developing a new product. Continued to the PhD programme at Stanford.

Mariša Cvitanič, MSc student during July 2019-March 2020, worked with Miha Modic on RNA regulation in stem cells.

Yiling Li, MRes student during October 2019 - September 2020, working with Martina on TDP-43 protein, then continued to PhD studies in Magdalena Gotz's lab at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

Velentza-Almpani Angeliki, MSc student during Jan-Sept 2020 as part of a collaborative project with Louise Walport lab.

Perlina Desai, PhD rotation student in spring 2021, UCL-Birkbeck DTP programme